EMF, QO-100, CAT21 am 16.10.21

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZFsf3B3EO4&feature=emb_imp_woytUK stations must have Electromagnetic Field (EMF) assessments in place for operation above 110 MHz from 18th November 2021. Some RSGB guidance on EMF is here:

EM Field Exposure

The RSGB has been developing a tool that incorporates the Ofcom EMF Calculator but extends the models to include single and multiple Yagis plus various sizes of dish antennas, and takes account of the directivity of the antenna. Ian GM3SEK, a key member of the team that developed the spreadsheet tool, will be talking about its application to Microwaves and QO-100 operation on 16th October at 13:30 pm, in a joint BATC/UK Microwave Group presentation during the BATC Convention „CAT21“.

Video to view the talk:

Full details of the BATC CAT21 program are available here
9:30 – Welcome – G8GKQ
9:45 – Portsdown update – G8GKQ
10:45 – Coffee
11:00 – Ryde update – Tim MW0RUD
12:00 – QO-100 desktop development – Micheal EA7KIR
12:45 – Lunch – Interactive Q+A workshop
13:30 – EMF for microwaves and QO-100 – Ian GM3SEK – organised jointly with the UK MIcrowave group offering theory and practical advice including QO-100 uplinks
15:00 – Coffee
15:15 – DATV Rx system gain distribution – G8GTZ
16:00 – Close

This is an important topic for all that operate on VHF and above, and Ian will dispense invaluable practical advice on how to assess your dishes and Yagis in the microwave bands. Not to be missed!

Quelle: southgate.org