It's back again: our AGAF website. In autumn of 2019 our server was hacked; the attackers had managed to use our resources to install mass mailing services that in turn help spamming thousands of users with unwanted e-mails. Our hosting provider in turn was bombarded with complaints so they shut our server down. Is has unfortunately taken a good while to come up with a concept that would prevent the loss of all services (website, mailing system, document store etc.) at the same time if a single one was being compromised in future. The fact that you see these pages is evidence for this concept now being put into reality.

Our documents and the video collection that was so carefully digitalised by Bernd, DL9KAR, was fortunately not affected. We therefore hope to move all the old content to this new server in the nearest future. The user database contained a lot of spoof entries, probably from the attackers. We therefore decided to not reuse that database. Unfortunate for the user of AGAF services we must ask for a completely fresh registration in order to use the membership area which will contain downloadable TV-AMATEUR magazines in PDF format, as well as other publications and the video archive.

Until everything is up and running it will take a little time, after all, maintaining and restoring the site has to run alongside daily life, running AGAF and yes, amateur radio. We sincerely hope that our members understand that.

If anybody feels he or she can contribute to the restoration of the site, provide content ar just want to pass a message to the members and visitors of the site, please feel welcome to do so.

Warm greetings from Vienna,

Jörg, OE1AGF (Chairman)