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On board Columbus, the HamVideo transmitter is fully operational and provides permanent  (blank) DATV signals, allowing ground stations to fine tune their receiving equipment. When possible, ARISS school contacts are enhanced by crew operated HamTV.

The demand for a dedicated HamTV receiver is growing. Jean-Pierre Courjaud F6DZP developed an up-to-date receiver and wrote special software for HamTV. He dubbed the receiver TuTiouner and the software Tutioune (phonetic French transcript for “You tune”). Components for the TuTioune receiver are for sale at the BATC shop (British Amateur Television Club).The software is available for free on Jean-Pierre’s website. Full details, including schematics, are provided on the HamTV home page:

Now and then, the HamVideo transmitter must be powered down, for several reasons. The status of the transmitter is published on the same webpage.

Gaston Bertels - ON4WF