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The advent of the International Space Station, launched in 1998 as an unmanned module, and its progression to a full research facility with crew, is shown by a new video. Gaston Bertels ON4WF traces the history including it making history in 2001 with a hand-held transceiver bringing the very first Amateur of the International Space Station or ARISS contact. That milestone in September of that year was with a school group near Chicago USA.

Both the Federal Communications Commission and Russia had issued amateur service callsigns for use by the stronauts. Gaston ON4WF says there have been many such contacts putting schools in contact with space travellers via Amateur Radio. His video looks at the development over the years of the ARISS equipment in space. It also talks about the Ham TV project that began in 2014, and a future slideshow facility for it. An uninterruptable power supply is proposed to power ARISS equipment. The YouTube video of 12 minutes covers the past, present and future milestones for ARISS. It is well worth viewing whether you are keenly interested in ARISS or just want to know a bit more.