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IARU ATV contest 2017 will be held from 10 June 12:00 UTC to 11 June 18:00 UTC



Citing from CQ-DATV 47:

"Most operators do not really consider this event as a contest, but as an ‘activity weekend’, many ATV operators in several countries will be active over this weekend, with a lot of portable operation.Please use this opportunity to push activity on the higher microwave bands. We need to keep these bands active, do not complain about lack of activity; you are the one that must make activity happen!

Last year, stations from Sweden joined in, some only made one contact but put ATV on the map for their country. Spain promised to join this year, so please point your aerials in their direction.

Please be aware the four digits should only be exchanged in vision, do not show your code on the internet. Also strongly recommended that ATV repeaters should be switched off during this activity weekend to make it possible to use the whole band (and to prevent confusion in case of
retransmitted four digit codes).

CQ-­DATV Production team"